AL350RX 330W Beam Spot wash 3 in 1.. Product #: AL350RX 330w beam spot wash 3 in 1


Voltage:AC100-240V 50/60HZ
Light Souce:Osram Sirius HRI 330XL or Yodn Lamp MSD 330R16
Ballast:Electronic Ballast
Channels:DMX 16/24 Channels
Color wheel:One color wheel,13 colors
Gobo:One static gobo wheel,13 gobos +open
          One rotating gobo wheel ,9 colors +open
Prism:Two rotating prism, one 8-facet prism and one inner 6-facet prism
Frost:Gradually frost,wash angle 5-30 degree
Strobe:0.5-14/sec variable strobe effect
Lens:Glass optic lens ,linear zoom 0-20 degree
Movement:Pan 540 degree,8/16 bit resolusion
                  Pan/Tilt moving auto repostitioning function.Auto reset when nis-positioned
Three moter makes movement quicker,smoother and more mute