L2658 Laser power: RGBPY 630mW CH11 Five Tunnel . (Blue:150mW 470nm+Rose:200mW+Green:30mW + Yellow:150+ Re.. Product #: L2658


◆Feature This five tunnel laser light has many pre-programmed stunning effects with over 100 laser patterns and over 300 laser effects, such as wave, tunnel, circle, dots, fan shaped, etc. Laser beams can be shown one by one from five apertures, or scan separately towards different direction on systematic procedure. Four pairs of X/Y high-speed step motors are working simultaneously to make the beams very smoothly, mellow and full, to cover the stage at 120°. In Sound Active mode, this laser light is "Black Out" when there is no music. Under DMX control, this laser light supports pattern selection, lens position X/Y, pattern size zoom in/out, dimmer X/Y, rotation, lens position selection, phase X/Y.
◆Scanning Micro-step motor scanning at big angle
◆Play Mode Sound Active, AUTO, DMX, Master/Slave
◆DMX channel: 11 channel control with the function of BLACK OUT
◆Interface 3 pins XLR jack for DMX or Maser-Slave linking
◆Power Supply 110V or 220V-250V, 50/60HZ, 50W
◆Net Weight 7.6Kg
◆Gross Weight 8.6Kg (inner box), 18.6Kg (outer box)
◆Volume Weight 11.1Kg (/5000) or 9.3Kg(/6000), each inner box
    24.7Kg (/5000) or 20.6Kg(/6000), each outer box
◆Inner Box 930*264*176(0.043m³)
◆Outer Box 956*280*392(0.106m³)